Friday, 16 November 2007

Hello, world!

Yosh! I finally got my first space here in Blogger. So what am I up to? What's with the name (Hit F1) anyway? It's not that I got something sinister to unleash. I just found another way to stop repeating myself, hehehe. I had earned the privilege to say "hey, these things we're talking about, they're on my blog. check them out!" :-)

For almost all computer software, hitting (read: pressing) F1 brings out a help window that shows relevant information about your current task. I'd like this site to serve a slightly similar purpose - provide information on various things.

I'll be posting guides, walkthroughs, stories, etc. If something wonderful comes out of my (mis)adventures in making money online and offline, I'll share them, too.

I am currently working on some stuff:
  • A non-techie's guide on installing Windows. A lot of people had been asking me lately to help them reinstall the operating system on their machines. I never found enough time to accommodate all of them. Hopefully, if those folks call again, I'll be able to say "Dude, your OS gave up on you again? I'm currently sleeping. PC shops' gonna rip you of your hard-earned cash. Why don't you try pointing your browser (using your other PC, the one that is still functioning) to [insert my blog post's URL here] and do the installation yourself."
  • Ridding your computer of spywares for good (for non-techies, too).
Stay tuned.

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